The switches are made of single sleepers. The tracks are fixed onto this sleeper with the corresponding track brackets T/N 142. The switch blades are milled and grinded. They are fixed on special, sliding brackets and are attached to the wing rail using a screw in the joint. The switch frog is made of casted brass. The depth of the switch frog is 3 mm.

The switches are designed to allow the addition of a switch drive at a later stage. For straight switches, the added switch drive is fixed on the straight track, for curved switches, the fixing is on the inner side. The switches come with two holes for THIEL-GLEIS connectors T/N 151/153. Therefore, any other connector can also be used!

The switch frog is made of conductive brass, yet insulated towards the track.

The above products may be subject to technical changes in the future.

Example of Installation

Gegenbogen in 300mm-Raster bei 170mm Parallelgleisabstand mit Weiche T/N 180