Gauge IIm/G

IIm/G model meter track

IIm Meterspur Modellgleis Tracks and gauges are based on standards established by the technical committee MOROP – an international association of model railroaders. In 1983 the standards for NEM 010 and 020, concerning nominal size and gauge changed. The nominal size was set at 1:22,5 and called gauge II. The standard gauge has a track width of 64mm ( E.g. MAGNUS-Bahn). Gauge IIm/G has a 45mm track width, like LGB®, a narrow gauge railway – meter track.

The height of the track of the model size, is max. 8mm for standard tracks and 5mm for meter tracks. The over-sizedtrack profile is justified by the harsh outdoor conditions with often soft foundations. There are different providers of tracks for 45mm gauge IIm/G. The differences are usually within the choice of the scale. Mostly, they correspond to US standard gauge scales of 1:29 to 1:32, e.g. Märklin standard gauge I.

No compromises for the sleepers are necessary though. They can be arranged further apart, as the axle load of a narrow track is lower than regular tracks. THIEL-GLEIS tracks correspond almost exactly to the RhB of wooden sleepers with its 7mm height and a distance between the sleepers of 30mm (mid-to-mid sleeper).

Real-life sleepers can be fixed to the track profiles in different ways. For our models, we chose the most common way– a mounting bracket. This mounting bracket is attached to the sleeper with four screws and contains two track brackets on the side with one screw each.

The sleepers are made of high quality Polyethylene. They are UV protected, water-repellent, non-toxic and impact resistant. As in real life, the sleepers lay bare and the small bridge underneath is hardly seen. This way, ballasting is much easier as surplus stones can be pressed from inside to outside.

Rail profile materialbrass
Height of rail profile8,5 mm
Width rail foot7,0 mm
Width rail head3,5 mm
Height track total17,0 mm
Width sleeper11 mm
Length sleeper87,0 mm
Distance mid to mid sleeper30 mm
Height rail foot bottom /outside1,5 mm
Height rail foot top / inside,middle1,88 mm